Sunday, February 14, 2010

BenQ Siemens EF81 - Complete guide to update the firmware of EF81

Written by alex_q:
Complete guide to update the firmware of EF81

When you update the firmware you lose all your settings, files, contacts, messages, applications and games that you installed. You should back-up all your data before updating the firmware.
            A firmware update does not change or reset the phone’s master code.

            To see what FW version you have, type *#06# from the phone’s main screen. The FW version is called SVN. The phone’s IMEI number will also be shown. Write it down on a piece of paper because it might be useful.
            Usually, the FW update programs do not allow updating to an older version, so you might be unable to return to the original version.
            It is advised to back-up your FW (especially your NV items) before you update the FW. I heard it is possible to back-up using the program QPST but I have not figured out how to do so.

            There are two new FW versions for EF81:
  • SFW 58 Germany
  • SFW 58 Russia -

Comparing to SFW 48, this FW versions bring the following changes:
  • Improved speed through menus, especially when changing themes and when doing a master reset;
  • “Next” and “Previous” buttons are added when viewing photos in full screen mode;
  • The default theme is changed;
  • The battery level and signal power icons are changed to a white color design. These icons do not change when theme is changed. The error when displaying the battery level differently on the main screen and secondary screen has been fixed;
  • Other languages added for menus and T9 (only SFW 58 Russia supports Romanian language);
  • Error fixed when receiving MP3 files through Bluetooth, they could be listened only after restarting phone;
  • The USSD menu does not work in all networks (I consider this to be an important error);
  • The phone does not announce any more when the battery level is low and shutting down is imminent;
  • Some applications are added or changed but the games remain unchanged. SFW 58 Germany replaces the games icon from the main menu (games can be still found in the “My stuff” menu) with a Google icon and adds Google search and Google maps applications.
Choose one of these FW versions and install it. It will install the Qualcomm USB driver (if not installed yet) and the 3GSwupFU2 updating program (which has its own manual).
The phone’s battery should not be low when you start the FW update because the phone could shutdown and cancel the procedure. It is best if the battery is fully charged.
The updating procedure is simple but a little bit risky. It is important to close the phone and remove the SIM card and memory card (if available) before commencing. Then switch the phone back on without SIM or memory cards and connect the USB cable that come together with the phone when you bought it. Start the 3GSwupFU2 program, wait until the phone is recognized and click update. It is not advised to stop the updating procedure by unplugging the phone or closing the 3GSwupFU2 program or in any other way because the phone could become impossible to repair using software methods (hardware methods are in general complicated and expensive). I do not know what happens with your SIM or memory cards if you forgot to remove them but I think it is better to not cancel the updating procedure.
The updating procedure would last for about twenty minutes. It is normal that during this time the phone will restart a couple times and the screen might flash or say “Factory test mode”.
If errors occur during FW installation (“Too many initialized items” or another message is shown), the phone might start without network, messages or Bluetooth support or might keep restarting.
If the phone does not start and the screen does not light up, then the battery could be completely empty. In the worst case, the phone could have been damaged during the FW updating process and it can be repaired only through hardware methods.
If FW update is unsuccessful but the phone still shows the “BenQ-Siemens” logo at startup, then you should follow the next procedure:
  • If you succeeded to back-up the FW before the update, then use this back-up;
  • If not, then browse the 3GSwupFU2 installation folder and replace the template.brt file with the one that I attached to this guide. Also make a copy of this file in the same directory and rename it with your phone’s IMEI number (it should look like 35898100399xxxx.brt). This file might also exist so you should overwrite it too. You might find the IMEI number on the papers which came together with the phone or from the 3GSwupFU2 application when the phone it’s connected;
  • If the phone keeps restarting, remove the USB cable, switch the phone off by removing the battery, install the battery, press the # and Call keys until the phone starts and it will remain at the BenQ-Siemens logo. Now you can retry to install the FW. The application might say something about emergency download.

If after successfully installing the FW, the menu displays an unknown language, type “*#0000#” from the main screen and press “Call”.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

BenQ Siemens EF81 - Price?

Benq Siemens Ef81 costs various from place to place. I have found several prices for this phone and range is a very wide form $450 to $19. This phone is not in production anymore and you should be careful if you are buying it. Price depend on several things like included accessories or is it unlocked or branded by network.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

BenQ Siemens EF81 - Commercial - Keep exploring

During my research I have found very interesting commercial for ef81. It is very spacey and 3d, take a look:

Friday, May 22, 2009

BenQ Siemens EF81 - Firmware - Download Upgrade Manual

Here is user manual for German version of v58 firmware (in English). In this PDF file you will find detail step by step procedure how to upgrade your phone via USB cable. In an earlier post you will find download links for both German and Russian v58 firmware, also there is a lot of images so now situation is clear and don't be afraid of upgrading, this procedure is very simple. Enjoy better performance and functionality of you phone...

Download link is:

Benq Siemens EF81 Firmware Upgrade Manual - Download

Monday, May 11, 2009

BenQ Siemens EF81 - Fault no power what happend?

Last time I have seen a lot of forum questions and topics about EF81 that simply do not charge or can't power up even on charger or USB cable. On some places I found info about some kind of "deep discharge" of its battery. If your phone is in this state you should try two things one is to keep phone on charger more than 14 hours and another is to try to put new battery, but as noticed batteries for this phone are no longer in production so be careful when you are buying new third party battery. Anyway if this happened to your phone I'd like to post your experience with this problem here because it can be very helpful for people with same situation. If nothing bad happened to your phone and now it is not working you can be in this situation. If I found anything else about this issue I'll post it as comment or update on this post.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BenQ Siemens EF81 - Themes - iPhone Like theme

This is iPhone Like theme made by Aleksandar Rodic.
I'm very satisfied with this theme it looks live and colorful. Same as earlier here I will post download link:

EF81 iPhone theme - Download

Enjoy using you phone...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Benq Siemens EF81 - User Manual Full

Ok, we have seen all that specifications, games, apps and way how to install it on your phone, but this phone have a lot of features that I did not have discovered at first. After looking to this user manual for my phone, I have found some very useful things that you should know about EF81, here I'll post link to phone user manual in PDF:

Benq Siemens EF81 User Manual - Download

I must notice that in package with phone I did not have found one.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Benq Siemens EF81 - Applications - Opera Mini

Try to use Opera Mini on your phone, my opinion is that it is the best phone browser that I ever used. Opera have a lot of features transported from PC to mobile platform. Best thing in whole story is that it is free to download and use. Opera Mini have built in search where you can easily choose between different search providers by your interest like Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, eBay,, IMDb. It have full rss reader, bookmarks, history, customizable options and more...
I'm using it long time and I don't have reason to change it. Actual version is 4.2 and it have a lot of new features like Skins.
Now Opera is looking better you can customize color and make opera looking like you want.

In new opera on newer phones you can watch flash videos and have rich multimedia experience in browser.
Faster page downloads and much much more...
Only way to see and fell all of this is to try Opera Mini on your phone. It will open almost every page on the web.

Download Opera Mini :

Happy Browsing with Opera Mini :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Benq Siemens EF81 - Applications - Facebook

On your BenQ Siemens EF81 you can freely use Facebook mobile application. It does not have any fancy mobile features, but it can be really useful. Some users say that this application is almost shortcut to ! I think that this app is little more and that you should try it and decide do you like it or not. I'm just using it.

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

It's free and anyone can join

Here are liks to download facebook mobile application:

Facebook mobile JAD file - Download
Facebook mobile JAR file - Download

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Benq Siemens EF81 - Applications - Google Maps for mobile featuring Latitude

This is first post from applications for EF81 series !

First one is Google Maps:

Google Maps for mobile featuring Latitude
the official mapping application from Google

Download Google Maps to your phone, and never carry a paper map again. And with the brand new Google Latitude feature, see your friends' locations and status messages, and share yours with them. It also can catch your position even if your device don't have GPS module, by pressing zero key it locates you some radius over GPRS.

Google Maps for mobile is not only for EF81 it works on most Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Java-enabled phones.

And finally download links:
Google maps mobile JAD file - Download
Google maps mobile JAR file - Download